Oil Filtration Systems

Dirt is the enemy

Fluid contamination from solid particles account for 75% of mechanical system failures.

We have extensive experience maintaining hydraulic systems in some of the dirtiest environments on the planet, but there is still a way to keep your hydraulic oil or lubricating fluid in pristine condition 24/7/365. With quality filtration equipment you can:

  • Extend component life
  • Minimize unplanned downtime
  • Remove particles, water, and harmful contaminants
  • Maintain clean oil/fuel continuously 
  • Access real-time data for monitoring system cleanliness, temperature, etc.
  • Lower ISO codes to provide optimal conditions for equipment.

We can provide specialty filtration equipment for most industrial applications, bulk oil reservoirs, fuel farms, machinery, turbines, and more. We provide consulting services, onsight support from a service technician, and we also have filter cart rentals for the DIY guys. Perhaps you're an equipment manager who requires cleaner fuel to prevent expensive fuel injector failure; ask us about our high efficiency filters or fuel filtration equipment. Stop repairing, start maintaining.

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Filter Cart +

Portable filtration at it's finest.

We can provide several types of filter carts - industrial and light duty series. Both feature an on/off switch, DP Gauge, hoses & power cord. The filter cart is ideal for portable use in:

  • Filtering Multiple Hydraulic Systems 
  • Reservoir or Gearbox Conditioning
  • Fluid Transfer 

Ideal for lower viscosity hydraulic oil, lube oil, and diesel fuel. We like to pair it with our water removal filters. You can customize your own cart OR rent one from our Parts & Supply Store.

If you need a smaller solution for tight spaces or filtering out of drums - try the Filter Cube. It features a gear pump, dual spin-on filter assumbly, DP gauge, and steel frame that can be easily carried and tranported.

Filter Cart & Filter Cube

Filter Cart & Filter Cube

Diesel Fuel Filtration+

If it’s diesel fuel, we can filter it.

Diesel fuel cleanliness is more critical than ever with increasing combustion pressures and fuel injector sensitivity. We have a wide range of Diesel Fuel Filtration Systems to remove water & fine particles from bulk diesel fuel storage tanks. These systems are ideal for keeping fuel in pristine condition where fuel quality and reliability is critical.  

No matter your fuel reservoir size, we have a clean fuel solution for you. Our large system flow rates range from 100-800 GPM, and our compact system flow rates range from 10-75 GPM. Do you have a unique application or need specialized portability? Our diesel fuel filtration systems come in numerous designs: large skids, filter carts, panels, and compact mobile applications. Do you need a skid in a Heavy Duty Off-Road capable trailer? All you need is ask.

Diesel Fuel Filtration Equipment

Diesel Fuel Filtration Equipment

Vacuum Dehydrator +

Keeping fluids clean and dry with a high-quality hydraulic filtration system extends component and bearing life, increases productivity, minimizes downtime and extends useful fluid life.
  • Ideal for large reservoirs and high-viscosity lubricating oils.
  • Rapidly removes fine particles, all forms of water, including free, emulsified, and dissolved water and gas from hydraulic and lubricating oils.
  • Designed to reach & maintain dryness levels at 10ppm or better and ISO 13/10/8 or better.
  • Low watt density oil heaters for rapid oil heating without thermal damage.
  • User friendly operating system with state of the art control panel.
  • Equipped with sizeable, high-efficiency filters. 
  • Nema 7 Explosion Proof or Class 1 Division 1 systems available.
  • Mini Vacuum Dehydrator for low headspace clearance and improved mobility.
Clean Oil, Dry Oil, Cloudy Oil Solutions, Remove water from oil reservoir

Vacuum Dehydrator & Mini Vacuum Dehydrator

Oil Storage and Dispensing Systems+

Modular and stackable systems for storing bulk lubricants and keeping them in pristine condition.

These systems are ideal for the storage and precise metered dispensing of lubricants. Standard Features include:

  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Absolute rated filtration.
  • Retractable hose reels and dispensing guns.
  • Gear pumps with integral relief.
  • Access manway/cleanout/inspection hatch, desiccant breathers, and circulation timer.
  • Low watt density submersion heaters are optional.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes with standard sizes from 50 to 600 gallons.
Dispensing Systems for oil, ATF, coolants, & other common industrial fluid applications.

Dispensing Systems for oil, ATF, coolants, & other common industrial fluid applications.

Circulating Lubrication Systems+

Delivering clean, pressurized oil in critical applications.

Lube systems are available in a wide range of flow rates and pressures and are built using the most reliable, time tested components available. These systems may include:

  • Stainless steel construction 
  • Redundant AC or DC powered pumps
  • Absolute rated BETA 1000 filtration
  • Manual or auto-control of flow, pressure and temperature
  • Oil condition monitoring and built in oil purification
  • Precise heating and/or cooling of oil
  • Integrated purification to completely degas, dehydrate and filter the oil
  • Oil condition real-time monitoring display 

We understand that the lifeblood of your rotating or reciprocating equipment is the lubricating oil, so we ensure that all our systems maintain immaculate fluid cleanliness.

We offer 3D modeling and CAD engineering to create pre-construction approval drawings. Any system ordered for a new installation is built to your exact specifications.

We offer 3D modeling and CAD engineering to create pre-construction approval drawings. Any system ordered for a new installation is built to your exact specifications.

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