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From our comprehensive hydraulic system design to our experienced hydraulic cylinder repair services, our hydraulic services are nimble enough to support local small businesses and robust enough to exceed the expectations of our Fortune 100 clients.


Urgency: you need the repair NOW! We understand the frustrations of waiting for weeks to get a cylinder repair. We cut out the middle men and take care of the entire repair in-house. You will get a quality hydraulic repair AND get the fastest turnaround time in Whatcom County.

Expertise: we have very talented & seasoned mechanics who can make an efficient evaluation on your hydraulic cylinder or machinery. We know you need your heavy equipment back in business, and we can help it stay there.

Reliability: You can always count on us! We are available and responsive to our customers and we pickup & deliver in Whatcom/Skagit county. We have the most extensive inventory around and our hydraulic technicians only use parts and pieces that can be relied upon. Every piece of equipment goes through rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure your safety and equipment dependability.

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