Hydraulic Services

The Northwest’s go-to source for expert hydraulic services

From our comprehensive hydraulic system design to our experienced hydraulic cylinder repair services, our hydraulic services are nimble enough to support local small businesses and robust enough to exceed the expectations of our Fortune 100 clients.
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Cylinder Repair+

Our experience, capabilities, and technical knowledge make NorWest the best choice for hydraulic cylinder repair in Bellingham WA.

We can determine if your cylinder is repairable or if you simply need a new build. Any application, large or small — NorWest can be your one-stop shop for all things cylinder related. 

  • Air & Oil Cylinders
  • Bore Honing
  • Custom Mounts
  • Inspections / Teardowns
  • New Builds
  • OEM Replacements
  • Removal from Equipment
  • Reseals / Seal Kits
  • Rod Chroming

Pickup and delivery service is available upon request.

Cat cylinder repair Bellingham WA

Cat cylinder repair Bellingham WA

Heavy equipment cylinder repair Bellingham WA.

Heavy equipment cylinder repair.

Diagnostics + Repair+

We have a full-service hydraulic repair facility and an experienced crew of hydraulic technicians that are prepared to diagnose an issue, establish scope of service, and get you back in business.
  • System diagnostics & testing
  • Component inspection & teardown
  • Repair of pumps, motors, and valves.
  • Cylinder repairs & reseals
  • PTO service & repair 
  • Pressure and flow testing
  • Field services
  • Heavy equipment repair

If this list doesn't include your service needs, please give us a call. Our long-tenured staff is a wealth of knowledge, and if we can't help you on a specific project, we'll give you an excellent referral.

No matter the hydraulic system - our expertise and sound advice will ensure you make an informed decision, receive a reliable repair, and an excellent warranty.

No matter the hydraulic system - our expertise and sound advice will ensure you make an informed decision, receive a reliable repair, and an excellent warranty.

Hose + Fittings+

Do you need a hose made while you wait? We can get you back in business ASAP.

Our skilled team understands the challenges of real-world applications, and we have an extensive inventory of components to get you a solution. 

  • Hose Assemblies 
  • Hydraulic Piping
  • Hose Protection Products
  • Hose Testing Certifications
  • Tubing Fabrication

We have been able to successfully outfit Fortune 100 corporations, industrial companies, and local manufacturers since 1967…we look forward to serving you too!

Hydraulic Valves+

Are you having issues with an existing valve? Our hydraulic service team can help you determine the best approach before making a significant investment.

We can troubleshoot your valve, reseal, or replace coils at our service facility. As a distributor of Roquet Valves, we can also provide a high quality replacement valve. Need a custom solution? We are equipped to assemble a new valve and provide installation for your application.

Hydraulic Valve Assemblies

Hydraulic Valve Assemblies

Maintenance Programs+

You have equipment & machinery that is critical to your operation. We have the expertise to keep things running smoothly.
  • Quarterly inspections
  • Filter & fluid changes
  • Fluid sampling and analysis
  • Preventative maintenance planning
  • Regular service needs
  • Real-time fluid reservoir water & particle monitoring
  • Reservoir filtration services
Optimize your system performance and reliability today.

Optimize your system performance and reliability today.

Machine Shop+

Machine Shop, Welding, and Fabrication Services

Our outstanding service team is now providing in-house, general machining services to our industrial community. We look forward to providing the same great service to our customers, new and old.

A glance at the services we offer: 

  • Cutting
  • Boring
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Welding
  • Fabrication
  • Grinding
  • Manufacturing
  • Galvanizing

Perhaps you just searched for "machine shop near me" but don't see something on our list. Please give us a call or drop a note. We would be happy to discuss your project, big or small.

Machine Shop Bellingham

Machine Shop Bellingham

Mobile Repair Fleet+

Your machinery and equipment do not take nights and weekends off - that's why we provide emergency hydraulic services 24/7.

Our mobile hydraulic repair trucks & technicians are ready to head your way to provide system diagnostics, flow testing, hose replacement, cylinder pickup, and more. We currently provide fleet service to all oil refineries in Washington State, along with many other industrial/manufacturing companies throughout the region.

System Design+

We’re experts in efficient hydraulic system design and our goal is to always exceed client expectation and provide safe, long-term solutions.

NorWest Hydraulic designs can be found in oil refineries across the United States — supported by our project managers, hydraulic service technicians, and parts specialists. We are prepared to handle the most demanding industry applications. Each industry has its own challenge, but we have the experience to retrofit, fabricate, install, or create a new system of most any size or application.

Complete Engineering, Design, and CAD Services.

Complete Engineering, Design, and CAD Services.

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