Refinery Services

Expertise to keep your refinery moving

There are no substitutes for safety, reliability, and system performance. We’ve spent nearly half a century building up our refinery service expertise and have the capabilities to engineer, manufacture, install, and service hydraulic & pneumatic systems.
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Engineering Service + System Design+

  • Engineering of hydraulic control systems
  • Detailed schematics / OEM system drawings
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Hydraulic power unit design
  • System retrofits and redesigns
  • Stainless tubing fabrication
  • Replacement parts for OEM components

Hydraulic Control Systems+

  • Panels- The operating panels can be positioned anywhere in the line of sight of the operation, even at more remote sites using CCTV Camera/Monitoring systems.
  • Mobile Console - All consoles are custom designed and configured to control or monitor the operations designated by the user. They can be fully hydraulic or electric/hydraulic. These consoles can be customized to provide digital displays for many critical functions relating to a process or operating condition.
  • CCTV - Fully automated and remotely controlled closed circuit TV systems allow personnel to operate a multitude of equipment without being exposed to hazardous environments

Marine Loading Arms + Dock Support Systems+

Working on docks & terminals comes with unique service and safety challenges. NorWest Refinery Division can provide:
  • Complete hydraulic services to cranes and marine loading arms.
  • Custom-built control consoles that allow the operator to remotely control loading and unloading of ships and barges via wireless communications. 
  • Over-the-water hose replacement.
  • Custom solutions to protect hydraulics against salt-water spray and UV.  
  • Spill boom deployment equipment & winch systems.
  • Fire monitor & suppression systems
  • Life boat deployment systems
  • Sub-sea support systems 

Parts Procurement + Sourcing+

Refinery hydraulic systems are critical to production, safety, and consistency.

We can supply your replacement parts for OEM systems, retro-fits, or solve the issue of discontinued parts. The NorWest Refinery Division has product knowledge and a supply chain that is second to none, and we take pride in supporting refineries and terminals across the world with high quality products for harsh environments and critical applications. Don't let parts sourcing slow you down. 

Preventative Maintenance+

Our Project Management team has established Preventative Maintenance plans for the largest oil refineries in the world, and we can tailor a program to keep your operation moving at peak productivity.
  • Scheduling & Planning
  • Quarterly Inspections
  • Fluid Sampling & Oil Analysis 
  • Reservoir Filtration
  • Filter & Oil Replacements
  • Component life forecasting
  • Real-time particle counting

Developing maintenance plans with reliability managers and on-site personnel is second nature for our Refinery Division. Our experienced team can provide consulting services, complete development, and the ability to execute maintenance plans with a team of refinery-ready hydraulic technicians.   

Project Management + Turnarounds+

We provide oil refinery hydraulic services across North America to deliver consistent hydraulic systems, retrofits, updates, repairs, and installations.

We understand the critical nature of operational shutdowns and the key elements required to deliver on projects in a timely and safe manner.

  • Component supply
  • Cost analysis
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Scheduling
  • Technical design
  • Turnarounds
Our Management Team has decades of experience in overseeing detailed & complex projects.

Our Management Team has decades of experience in overseeing detailed & complex projects.

Refinery Safety Systems+

  • Blast Proof Operating Shelters
  • Complete refinery process evaluation
  • Cutting tool enclosures
  • Fire Suppression Monitors
  • Pump upgrade evaluation
  • Residual pressure analysis
  • Specialty fire-water case analysis
  • System upgrade design
  • Unsteady state analysis
  • Water supply requirements

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