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Not all hydraulic parts supply stores are created equal. We don’t just stock and ship parts. We provide safe, reliable solutions you can trust. Whether you’re looking for a “hydraulic parts near me” or you need something shipped around the world, we have the parts and man power to help. And fast.
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Hydraulic Hoses. Fittings. Adaptors.+

YES, we build hose assemblies while you wait!

We are Northwest Washington’s primary source for hydraulic system parts, including hydraulic hose, fittings, adaptors, and accessories. Whether you need retail or wholesale distribution, our warehouse is fully stocked to provide quality hose products at a competitive price. 


  • Air & Water Hose
  • Braided Hose
  • Chemical Hose
  • Cloth Covered Hose
  • Extreme Pressure Hose
  • Teflon Hose & Tubing
  • 2 wire, 4 wire, 6 wire
  • Steel & Stainless Steel Tubing


  • CAT hose ends
  • Cap & Plug Kits
  • Flange Adaptors
  • Hydraulic Adaptors
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Push-to-Connect Fittings
  • Quick Couplings


  • Hose & Tubing Insulation
  • Fire Sleeve
  • MSHA approved nylon sleeving
  • PROTECTO WRAP - spiral hose guard
  • RYCO CROCSTOP for hose-burst protection and whip check

Do you need expert advice? We have fluid connector specialists with 20 years of experience to ensure you get a reliable solution — the first time. Give us a call!

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RYCO J-Seal Technology. The new standard in JIC fittings.

Hydraulic Pumps. Motors. Power Units.+

First-rate selection of electric motors and hydraulic pumps.

As one of the leading hydraulic parts suppliers on the West Coast, we have the supplies and expertise to take care of re-seals, gear set & housing replacements. If your component is unrepairable, we only source reliable components and brands we can stand behind. Bottom line: we will meet the need of your application.

  • AC & DC Motors
  • BVA foot pumps
  • Custom HPU’s
  • Enclosures
  • Gear Sets & Housings
  • Gear, Vane, & Piston Pump
  • High Speed Motors
  • Limit Switches
  • Seal Kits
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We have the ability to spec-out, fabricate, and assemble a custom hydraulic power unit for your application.

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Cylinders.+

We are committed to supplying high-quality pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. We offer a full line of NFPA cylinders built to your specifications, our delivery times are competitive, and some cylinders can be shipped in one day. Different mounting options are available and can be modified in-house to meet your need.

We offer a variety of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder repair kits, wipers, piston seals, rod seals and wear bands for standard, off-the shelf cylinders. 

  • Accumulators
  • Air Cylinders
  • Charging/Gauging Kits
  • Custom Cylinders
  • High Temp Seal Kits
  • Mobile Cylinders
  • Rack & Pinion
  • Repair Kits / Seal Kits
  • Rod Boots
  • Shock Suppressors
  • Telescopic Cylinders
  • Tie Rod Cylinders
  • Welded Design

Not sure if you need a new cylinder? We have a service department that is dedicated to helping you make an educated decision. 

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Whatever your needs, we can meet them efficiently with parts over the counter, complimentary delivery, or economical shipping options.

Hydraulic & Lube Filters+

75% of all mechanical failures are caused by fluid contamination (dirt). It’s now possible to buy fewer filters, have clean oil 24/7, and rely on your equipment.

We believe that keeping hydraulic & lube systems free of dirt is not only possible but the new industry standard. Check out some of our collection of high-quality filters & accessories.

  • Water Removal Filters
  • Suction Filters
  • Return Filters
  • High-Efficiency Filters
  • Desiccant Breathers
  • High Pressure Filters
  • Reservoir Adaptors
  • Particle Counters
  • Filter Cart Rentals & Sales


Hydraulic Valves.+

We are a professional distributor for Roquet Valves. Roquet designs and develops high quality and robust hydraulic solutions for the demanding requirements of modern applications.

We stock a broad range of mobile hydraulic control valves and accessories. We can sell you individual components off the shelf, or build valve assemblies to meet your existing or new system requirements.   

  • Ball & Needle Valves
  • Cartridge Valves
  • Check & Drain Valves
  • Custom Valve Builds
  • Directional Valves
  • Divider Valves
  • Flow Control Valves
  • Gate Valves
  • Mobile Valves
  • Proportional Valves
  • Servo Valves
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Remote Piloted 
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Hydraulic oil. Grease. Lubricants. Shop Supplies.+

We keep our shelves well-stocked with industry-specific and general purpose oil, lubricants, and greases. Don’t know what you need? We can help you with that. Looking for something specific? If it’s used for fluid power, we can supply your company.

Oil Products:

  • Mega Flow AW Hydraulic Oil 32 / 64
  • Hydraulic & Tractor Oil
  • Super ATF
  • Multiplex Red Lithium Complex
  • On-Site Bulk Oil

Shop Supplies:

  • Grease Guns & Lubes
  • PRO-TEC-TO Wrap (hose wrap)
  • Absorbent Pads
  • Spill Containment Kits
  • Metric Cap & Plug Kits
  • O-ring Kits & Seal Kits

Coxreels Hose Reels.+

We offer the complete line of industrial hose reel products and replacement parts.

Dozens of applications:

  • Air
  • Chemical
  • Electric
  • Fuel
  • Grease & Lube
  • Mobile
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Welding


  • Manual Reel
  • Spring Driven Reel
  • Motorized Reel 
  • Retractable Reel
  • Twin Line Reel
  • Top Rewind Assembly
  • Custom Hose Reels
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Hose reels and replacement parts.

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