Hydrostatic Hose Testing

Whether you are producing a single assembly or a production run, NorWest Hydraulic has the test equipment to give both you & your customer the assurance that the product has been assembled correctly.

Hydrostatic hose testing is critical for ensuring your fluid hose has been properly made to withstand harsh environments and extreme applications. See below to download our brochure.

We provide Hydrostatic Testing for:

  • 21,750 PSI
  • Single Assembly 
  • Production Runs 
  • Electronic or Print Report
  • Engraved Metal Hose Tags 
  • Meet PM requirements

Don't know what hydrostatic hose testing is? 

During a test, all air is removed from the hose. The hose is then filled with water and checked for efficiency, durability, and warping. The hose is inspected for bulges, sweating at couplings, hose movement in coupling tailpieces, and other visible deformities. 

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